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What makes me special?

My name is Jahnavi Prasad Srirampurapu. I see the world from an cautiously optimistic and cyber centric point of view.
Engineer by profession, I graduated with Bachelor of Technology Honors. degree in Computer Sciences and Engineering.

I have an innate passion for both Sciences and Arts. I published my first book at the age of 21. I also loved computers from young age, and taught myself Programming and Software development, which in turn fuelled my interest to pursue a degree in Computer Sciences.

I'm just an engineer jumping at the oppurtunity to change the world.

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Notable Works

Student Journalist

I work as a student journalist for my University's news website Happenings@lpu

As part of this job, I write engrossing articles about various activities and events in and around my university. I also write on generic topics that are relatable and useful for university students and faculty as a whole. A collection of my articles can be found here.

Udemy Instructor

I have created and published an Online Course on Udemy through which I have taught 1500+ students across 101 countries.

The course Python Packages with PyPI explains the process of creating one's own Python packages, publishing them on the pypi.org package repository and finally installing and using the published packages.

My Book

My first book Gauls Walls and Alesia is published and available on Amazon and pothi.com in E-Book and Paperback formats.

It is an ancient war drama describing the events of most intelligent battle in human history.

My second book is a work in progress.

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